The Legend of Jiangshi, Vampires in Chinese Mythology

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The Legend of Jiangshi, Vampires in Chinese Mythology
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DEPOSTBUNAKEN- Jiangshi is one of the myths in China. According to ancient Chinese legend, the jiangshi was already recorded in the literary works written by Ji Xiaolan. A scholar from the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911) entitled Yuewei Caotang Piji.

Jiangshi is a Chinese term for vampire creatures. Jiangshi are generally depicted as corpses wearing the official clothes of the Qing Dynasty and moving about. On his forehead is attached a talisman (Fu) which is yellow with red ink scribbles on it.

It is said that the corpse of a jaingshi is a dead person who is brought back to life. Nay's reason was that transportation was difficult at that time because they generally lived in remote areas.

After someone died, the people there thought about how to bury them in a cemetery far from the village. Finally, the local community asked for help from the Taoist priest to make the corpse walk alone to the burial site.\

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However, it turns out that the actual ritual process does not involve magic, but the Taoist priest is only in charge of offering prayers for the jiangshi spirits. It is said that the ritual process begins by tying the feet and knees and forcibly lifting hands to supine. This process can be carried out after the body has stiffened.

After that, the corpse will be tied with a long stick that is set upright. Two strong people will be on the front and back ends. When the two people lift the corpse, the corpse will look like jumping up and down. The Taoist priest will lead the group while ringing the bells along the way.

The above writing has not been confirmed and the reader is expected to take lessons from all the events. Please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm. All of the above is just fiction.

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